Mobile Jammer

A mobile phone jammer is a device that is used to stop text as well as verbal communication process within mobile phones. It is basically used to block all available cellular frequency bands in the network. Mobile Phone Jammers were mainly designed to disrupt and stop communications between rebels and terrorist groups to stop their illegal and violent operations. When you use a mobile phone jammer, a low power radio signal is broadcast and this signal is capable of cutting off communication between the mobile phones and its cellular base stations. As a result, all the cell phones of the affected area will show “No Service” and incoming calls are blocked. Once when the mobile jammer is turned off, all the mobile phones will automatically reestablish communication with the cellular base stations and those cell phones affected by the jammer will once again be able to receive cellular services.

Uses of mobile phone jammer
1)      Mobile jammers are used to prevent students from cheating in the exam.
2)      These gadgets can be used to avoid interruption in reading activities and to maintain silence.
3)      These equipments are also used in environments where mobile phone activity may not be desirable such as ICU, churches, petrol pumps and operating rooms.
4)      Schools and colleges also use mobile jammers to maintain discipline and order within the institution.


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